Enviro Paper offers a wide range of uncoated sheets for letterhead, business cards, photocopying to booklets. We stock from premium grade, laser compatible or guarantee, recycled, and Tinted or Coloured papers that needed for any print requirement. 

 We stock wide range uncoated papers in different weights and sizes which required by different markets and application. All our uncoated papers are environmentally sustainable. Our recycled uncoated paper option that contains post-consumer waste fiber. Please contact us to learn more about our uncoated sheet offering.

EcoStar+ 100% Recycled
100% Recycled Uncoated

Ecostar is an uncoated paper made with 100% post-consumer recycled material that is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of paper usage. This environmentally friendly paper delivers consistent quality that prints as well as non-recycled paper.

Copy Paper A4 & A3
Multi-Purpose copy Paper

From client presentations to cover letters, Our Multi-Purpose copy Paper helps ensure every bright idea looks brilliant. Our multi-purpose Paper delivers impressive print results quickly and reliably in any home, office, or high-speed print environment.

Colour Copy Laser
No1 Paper for Digital Printing

Color Copy is number one premium uncoated with high smoothness and brightness on the market for full-process colour printing and photocopying. This high-quality sheet is perfect for both office and digital production printing and features FSC certification to meet today’s corporate requirements.

Grange Laser
The cost-cutting alternative to premium text and covers

Grange uncoated is an economically priced, high white range of offset papers and boards. Its exceptional bulk and smoothness ensure fantastic print performance. Grange uncoated also offers great opacity and reliability on printing presses. A leading everyday uncoated communication paper perfect for both Offset and Dry Toner digital printing.

Kaskad & Grange Tints
Tinted Paper & Board

A high-quality Tinted Paper & Board. Kaskad and Grange offers a range of subtle pastel shades for colour coding and is suitable for general printing applications.